For Ellen on your 25th birthday

Ellen Charlotte Massey ...

25 must qualify as somehow marking the ending of lifes 'start up' and preparation period. That does not imply that learning and developing can cease at all .. or that one is in any way prepared for whatever the future may bring!
That process never ends for any of us ..and of course never should.

However at 25 it could somehow be implied that in adult life, the capacity for full daily fullfillment has been reached ---- and that the capacity for a positive social impact on the people arround us, and on the society and world we live in has become reallity.

It is now the challenge of the day to use these enormous capacities to their fullest, to establish a meaningfull personal daily life for yourself  -- as well as to meet the challenge and privelage you have to infect the environment arround you with positive  honorable meaning and feeling.

Ellen we are so happy to notice that you have obviously embarked on this wonderful road!!

From your mom and dad


Hope - Isla Grant


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