Dear Emma for your gradutation ceremony March 5th 2016

Masters degree in Public health in developing countries
University of London
London school of hygiene and tropical medicine

I have spent the last days trying to figure out something beautiful enough to write to you '.. to somehow reflect the pride .. and affection .. and love that I feel for the privelage I have been given of being your father. This is neither the first nor the last milestone in your lifes journey But it is a milestone and it is a mile marker on a road that not everyone has the privelage of passing.

It is not the knowledge implied by your masters degree that impresses me --- it is the will and purpose I have seen in you to attain it. The drive within you that has removed the obstacles and ignored the negatives so that this dream in your heart could come true. These things are never automatic just because we wish for them to be.

I am proud of one specific attribute in you Emma, and in our other children .. and that is the burning will to fight for, and support basic moral principles arround us -- justice .. truth equality empathy and the inner will and purpose within you to support the less fortunate in our world ..

However there is another side to this coin that I want to remind you of in your endevours for fullfillment and happiness in the  future. Perhaps lifes greatest challenge is wisdom in chosing  the issues to emotionally involve yourself with, ..  and on the other hand identifying  the lesser concerns you may believe in and that are noble, but are not worth the primary focus for your day.

When I was young, the Beatles both rose and then faded. They sang a song that has gained significance for me as I have become older. I would like to share it with you Emma It underlines the other side of the moral paradox of firmly standing for what is true and right,  yet saving your strength and zeal for the real issues that have the potential to fill the moral gaps in life and in the environment we live in.  Emma don't spread yourself too thin in the many concerns we may have for our wonderful world!

I can hear my mom, when trivial injustices sometimes inflamed my mind as I was growing up I listen to this song ..

Let it be!... by Paul McCartney

Your mom and dad

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