Dear Malte (approx. 6 weeks after you were born)

You've been with us for a good month now Malte Every time that we look at you we can't help but notice and admire every little development we see in you. Development towards the amazing little lad that you are clearly becoming. We love you immensly as you are today but we also know that, as it is with the rest of us, the development of the real 'you' is an amazing, ongoing and never ending process that gets added to, and becomes richer and fuller with every passing moment.

Being involved in this is one of the greatest privelages we have of being a grandparent.

Every smile you see ..
and every tear
Eery path you may choose or may not choose ..
every bruise or hug
each joy and every sorrow ..
each failure and each accomplishment ..
every satisfaction and each disappointment ..

Along with the gene package your were born with ..
and the wonderful home environment you have landed in ..

Will form the wonderful 'you', that we look forward to spending the rest of our lives enjoying.

Wishing you the very best Malte .. All happiness and fullfillment -- and may your life continue to be filled with the wonder of love that makes life worth living for us all.

Your grandpa and grandma



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