Taken on my birthday

My birthday

69 years old



It isn't really “today” that's so significant … but to me, the celebration today is mostly about the 69 years that have brought me to this beautiful spot in life where I find myself today!!!

How many people at my age get to spend their days amongst the folks they love and respect most – and where life still presents multiple little daily tasks and opportunities to do things together ..or just be together... maybe just wait together to see what does turn up?

How many people at my age live behind a door that still opens pretty much every day to children, family and friends anxious to share something... or to feel something . or to do something, together? .. Achievable things … things to do that are within the scope of our simple resources .

Life has taken many turns and bumps in the road since my premature birth 1946 to wonderful parents in a very small town hospital (without an incubator!) on the post-war prairies of western Canada...... leading to today where we live in a lovely little country village in west central Sweden. . Of course, there have been lots of mistakes through the years… but I have very few regrets... and I can easily and honestly say that the the most recent years have become the happiest, richest and most fulfilling in all my life.

Thanks to you all!

The picture below explains a major part of the wonderful and amazing treasures in my 69 year old life..Special mention to the beautiful and most amazing lady in pink in the center of the back row!

Thank you all for today!

Edgar Massey

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