To our Eleanore …

On your graduation from highschool 2015-06-05


Eleanore we are proud of you for many reasons … most of all for the wonderful daughter you have been to us these 18 years. You have done well in school, and that is why today is special …. but in reality, school is only a part of the life that you have lived up to now... and the process of development and maturity is much larger than the knowledge and wisdom that our school system has taught you. We are proud of how you have dealt with this entire process --- and we want you to know that even if you hadn't done as well as you have in school, we would still be proud of you, and love you with all our hearts.

More than some of your sibblings, you have shown an intensive interest in the different political issues in the world arround us … issues of justice and equality (and feminism!)--- Issues of concern for the environment .. and compassion for the down trodden and abused, for the less privelaged, and for the despised and undervalued folks that share our community, country and our planet. The purpose and energy you have to make our world a better place for us all is admirable .. and we are proud of you in this. Use your energy wisely in this pursuit – unfortunately it is often a thankless job!!



Eleanore .. I want you to look at this beautiful picture of your niece Freja from a few days ago.

Inspite of your interest in the major issues in our day, I hope you will never disregard or undervalue the little (but wonderful) moments that may turn up in your everyday personal life.

Take full advantage of the little moments and small oppurtunities that turn up outside your planning calender. Don't feel you have to wait for scheduled oppurtunity to find value and peace and rest --- and never underestimate the joy and satisfaction in the unassuming minor things in everyday living. These small things are a major part of the joy and fullfillment that life offers.

Wishing you the best as you launch out into your own life, independant of us … and remember that whereever or whenever you are … we will always be your mom and dad and we will always love you … ”No matter what!”.

Your dad and mom

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