To little Freja Maj-Britt Massey born 2014-07-15
3788g and 52cm

Welcome to this world! but most of all welcome to our world amongst us that already love you. Welcome to our world and to our hearts, where we have been working on a special spot for you these last months and now you're here to fill it!!

Only a few hours have passed since your arrival on our planet, but already we have felt the enormous capacity that you have to reach deep into our hearts - to find the softest places there - and fill them with a warmth and beauty that gives our very lives an added value and honorable meaning.

Just think of the pages that are yet unwritten the hills that are still not climbed .. the beauties that to you are still hidden, and the purposes yet unassigned. Think of the tears that have not yet fallen and the laughter still unheard the chapters that are still untitled , and all the songs that you've never heard

Freja, the means and power you hold in your love-embodied weakness and helplessness today, will change the world we live in (especially our world) --- Starting with rearranging the complete life of the wonderful loving family that you have been given, as the 'starting capital' of your life. Invest it well.


From your grandpa, grandma and the rest of this family


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