Benjamin Wängerstedt

On his 18th Birthday party 2014-06-02

I have understood that independence and a home of your own is a high priority with you at the moment, and this is quite natural and a wholesome feeling in many folks your age.

In our country turning 18 also turns some legal pages – regarding officially being held responsibile for our choices, and for the way these choices may affect the folks and things arround us.

Begining to pursue our own goals in your own way is an exciting stage in life. We wish you the very best in this.

However I just want to make one little point .

When a little bird up in a tree first leaves its nest and starts to try out its own little wings, it is not the goal it wants to reach, or the speed that it happens  that is what is really the most important thing in the the task of learning independance.

What's important when it sets out on its own, is just to learn what amazing things can happen when it flaps its wings .. and to learn how to deal with the wind when it blows -- and how to keep altitude, and to determine course through an atmosphere that is proven to be filled with lots of its own little quirks and twists.

It's a pretty exciting time for a little bird that has just spent its entire previous life in the wonderful care of a loving mother. (as you have done)

Benjamin, don't get so involved in how you may be reaching or missing your long term goals, that you lose the capacity and endless potential for fullfillment and for the  breath taking beauty in some of the 'short runs' of an ordinary day.

Take care and keep courage.

From Circus Massey




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