To Mireille on our 24th anniversary - 2014-06-30

Thank you:
-For the most wonderful 24 years of my life.
-For giving us the most amazing children that life could possibly give.
-For making a most wonderful home for our family, where we  each can find refuge, and  renew strength for each new stretch of our journey.
the the kindest and most loving heart ever created - and that you share it with me.
- And for much much more--

I am sorry
-For everything that has been neglected in the hussle and bussel of day to day life.
-For all the things that you have wished for and deserved, that I haven't managed to give you.
-For all that I have missunderstod and in this way caused you pain.
-For everything that has at times managed to come between us through the course of these 24 years

Just remember
-I love you more than anything  else ... what ever may happen or whatever may be.
-There is little else of value in my life beside what we have worked for and done together
-All the wonderful and beautiful moments and things that we have felt and experienced with each other.



You will see in this Swedish text that I wrote to you 12 years ago -- my feelings haven't changed much in these years!

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