Alfons on your 20th


When a little bird first leaves its nest .. its first efforts at flying are not so much about where it wants to go or what it wants to see – more just about discovering what happens when it can flap its wings – and  how to deal with the wind when it blows, etc.. Alfons this is where you were a while back in your teenage times.

Later on, when this bird has learned to use and trust its wings, it becomes more of an issue to consider where it wants to go – the directions it decides to take  -- and the wonderful goals these  wings will help it reach. Thats where you are in life now Alfons– That is why I have thought of of you when I heard this country song that I would like you to listen to now –

"Follow your arrow where ever it points". This is not the same thing as 'go where ever the wind blows' – and not the same thing as 'follow the whims and fancies of the day'.

In all the little visits that I have with you in the course of the ordinary days we have spent together, I have become quite convinced (and proud of ) the existance of an honorable and worthy moral compass that has developed in the principles of your life – quite independant of us as your parents. My hope is just that you will trust it, and follow this arrow throughout the many foggy stretches of lifes road 'whereever it points'.

Listen to this song.

Your dad



Follow your arrow -- Kacey Musgraves (just 1 minute of the song)

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