To Alfons on his graduation from the Swedish equivelant to ”high school”

Today offically marks the end of your basic schooling. However wonderful we can make it, it is just the period written at the end of this first chapter of basic preparation in  'learning' – A learning that in reality never ends in our lives. There will doublessly be a 'next chapter' in this process , and we understand that you are just begining to work on some of the captions for these next chapters. Alfons, we are glad for this, but at the same time we as your parents realize that we will likely be less involved in these next chapters, than has been our privelage in these first years of your schooling.

Information, truth and knowledge are extremely important factors in dealing with the choices in life that direct our course. The choices that hopefully will hélp us to fill our lives with meaning, and with harmony, and beauty -- and most of all with personal fullfillment. That is why you have gone to school. – and that is why it is important to continue this process of learning. We as your parents certainly want your life to be filled with all these wonderful things.

One word of warning Alfons. The greatest problems in this world we live in, and even the greatest problems in personal life are most often not made because of a lack of knowledge or lack of capacity to understand – The biggest mistakes in life are made when we choose to ignore the truth that we are aware of –and instead base our choices on a deceptive kind of 'truth' we have manufactured by deleting the information that contradicts our own agenda . ”Willful blindness” is a common ailment of the human race –

The world of religious difference that tears our world apart, is created by this simple unwillingness to give a moment of honest evaluation to the reality and truth of day to day life , but instead beligerantly 'insist' and then regard moral conflict and contempt as a virtue, as we find difference in  our efforts to explain what is in honest reality the unknown and unexplainable for us all. This is especially true of the self-centered forms of  religion that in amazing self-righteousness claim  an organisational monopoly on truth.

Political difference is also most often built on the unjust balance of 'facts' weighing lighter than than the human will to simply overcome the adversary or opponent at any cost.

In personal life the refusal to face and deal with the ”other perspective” in our differences  is even more fatal to relationship.

Alfons we are so proud of you for your will and capacity to study and learn. – This is the basis of wisdom .. but when the issue is truth .. don't use the treacherous ”pick and choose what suits” method - Regardless the truth involved,  this is in reality, closer to ignorance than it is to knowledge.

Alfons, we as parents spend a good part of our lives trying to understand our children –sometimes but not always suceeding. Sometimes this helps us understand ourselves.

I have found a Danish singer (Kim Larsen - born the same year as me!!) that it would seem has written a song to explain how he has understood his childrens feelings on life.

Here is a link to Kim Larsens 'This is my life'  -- Listen to the words-


Proudly from your mom and dad!

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