Ellens 20th birthday party

(her birthday was 2012-06-06)



One of the wonderful aspects of being a parent is the most wonderful privelage of watching the beautiful painting of life taking form, as it unfolds in their children. I hope you understand how much joy this gives us as we notice these wonderful developments in you, now as you have launched out into your life away from us. We understand your life is colorful -- sometimes blue, sometimes gray and dark, sometimes as bright and shiny as the sun - and sometimes every depth of colour in between. Life, as an artist is blending all these things together to form the wonderful person that you are, and that you are becoming. We are proud of you.

I am glad for the trip that Rebecka and you, along with Nathalie (and Elias) are planing to the prairies of Saskatchewan in a couple of months. The place, and the people, and the culture that formed my early years. There are some wonderful aspects of Canada -- and of course aspects that could be different. It makes me happy that you want to check it out on your own -- and hopefully lay hold on the positives you may see, to make your own lives a little richer and more colourful.

One little thought I would like to leave with you Ellen -- Sometimes there are events in the course of our lives that are clearly out of our control -- sometimes chapters of our lives that  we must live with, but that we don't understand and definately would not choose if we'd been given a choice. This does not mean that these things must diminish the quality of our lives. Today, my background in religion has proven to be  a major mistake for me -- but it is what brought me to Sweden where the most valueable things in my life exist -- so I am so enormously thankful for it.

There have been other events since then have seemed horribly tragic and painful in their day, but except for them I would have missed the major part of this wonderful family that is by far my greatest treasure, and my greatest love today. I assure you that I am so glad for every single day of my 66 years -- as every one of them has in some way, led me to where I am, to be with you today. I hope you feel this way when 46 more years are added to the 20 we are celebrating with you today..

Ellen, 'your tomorrows' are a big page for you -- and we know they will be filled with the fullness of the colour of each day that you live. Don't forget the beauty involved - and appreciate all these amazing colours, as they blend together to be the wonderful 'you' that we love.

Your dad

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